Management Services

"The Role of a Property Management Company"

What is the definition of a "Property Management Company" and what does a property management company do?

The real estate dictionary defines property management as: "The branch of real estate business dealing with the management of property. The property may be a rented house or a large office or industrial complex. The duties may range from merely collecting rents to complete management of all maintenance and may also include being a leasing agent or sales agent."

New Lease

  • Advertise in newspapers, internet and with other sources
  • Use additional resources I have to find potential tenants (e.g. Housing Link, Neighborhood postings, Etc.)
  • Pre Screen Applicants Over the phone
  • Set Appointments and/or open house times to show property
  • Do background, credit, UD, criminal, verify employment, and past and present rental history
  • Review applicant's background check information with owner if requested by owner 
  • Prepare lease for signature
  • Make Arrangement with applicant to come in and review lease and have them sign
  • Prepare shelter verification forms for county if needed
  • Schedule visit to property
  • Prepare verification on tenants seeking new home
  • Fax utility company start up date of gas and electric for all new, this assures correct billing by the utility company and places the obligation on the correct party
  • Follow up with tenant after move in on any problems they may have


  • Provide owner with monthly statement of income and expense
  • Send owner out all Rent monies after expenses and fees are subtracted
  • Prepare CRP's at end of year for tenant
  • Do year-end statement and summary for owner
  • Retype lost CRP's for tenants
  • Re-prepare lost year-end summary for owners when they lose them
  • Budget owner's funds to meet expenses (If service is wanted for addition fee)
  • Keep records as required by the Department of Commerce
  • Provide documentation for mortgage lenders and attorneys on refinancing & sales

Regular Services:

  • Collect rents
  • Record rents in tenant log
  • Post to owners account in computer
  • Send late notices
    • Follow with phone calls
    • Visit to property to collect rent
    • Complete verifications for tenants needing assistant for rent
  • Pay Bills (If owner contracts for this service, additional charges apply)
    • Taxes
    • Insurance
    • Mortgage Payment
    • Utility Bills
    • Repair Bills
    • Purchase appliances if needed
  • Make sure owners property is well maintained
  • Attend to maintenance requests in a timely matter
  • Enforce the lease and rules and regulations

As Needed:

  • Meet housing inspectors
  • Meet with Fire Marshall
  • Communicate with owners if needed or requested
  • Meet Appraisers

Problem Areas:

  • Have disables, non operational and abandoned vehicles removed from property
  • File UD's
  • Appear in court if needed
  • Handle police complaints
    • Noise related
    • Vandalism
    • Drugs
    • Weapons
  • Send Acknowledgment letter to vacate notice
  • Over see renovation of unit to get ready for new tenant
  • Arrange for property(is) to be cleaned and, if needed painted, after tenant vacates the property(is). (A detailed list of costs of clean-ups is available upon request, e.g. clean stove, clean walls, mop floors, etc.)
  • Meet insurance agents or claims agent in case of fire damage or injury
  • Prepare shelter verification forms for tenants
  • Continue follow up on NSF rent checks
  • Continue follow up with delinquent water, sewer, and trash bills when paid by tenant
  • Handle complaints from neighbors
  • Mediate tenant disputes 
  • Take all phone calls regarding maintenance and tenant issues
  • Contact the maintenance person and have them give me an assessment of the issue
  • Call owner regarding the issue to report the maintenance person had been called, reporting how much it is going to cost to repair (parts and labor) and length of time it will take to fix (if required by owner)

Outside Maintenance:

  • Spring and fall yard clean up (if service is contracted for)
  • Lawn care (If service is contracted for)
  • Snow Removal and plowing (If service is contracted for)

Kaehler Management LLC is a family owned and operated company with 25 years experience in management of individual family homes, duplexes, 4-6 unit apartments and larger complexes. We have full service management and maintenance contracts available in addition to our standard property management agreements.

Our years of experience can save property owners time and money, eliminate hassles that can come from tenant issues, and make investment property ownership less stressful.

Kaehler Management LLC would be happy to handle the normal headaches of owning rental property for you.

"Kaehler Management LLC never promises more than we can deliver, we deliver more than we promise!" 

Kaehler Management LLC looks forward to providing service for you in the near future. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we would be happy to discuss with you any questions you may have regarding property management.

Unlike many other groups we offer a no cost appointment to review your present property management plan. After meeting with you we will be glad to present you with a property management plan designed specifically to fit your needs.


Keith Kaehler